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UAV Manufacturer.

We make it easy for manufacturers to integrate our lightweight LiDAR solutions into any unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or ultra-light aircraft for collecting geospatial data.

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Step up your game by adding LiDAR systems to your portfolio.

We’ve worked with more than 20 manufacturers since our creation in 2012.

A UAV and LiDAR packaged solution

We have a dedicated team working on projects with UAV manufacturers. The majority of our products are compatible with the Skyport and the Gremsy quick release T3V3. We provide complete, ready-to-fly LiDAR and camera packages.

A strong LiDAR partner

LiDAR integration needs expertise, time, and resources. A strong LiDAR partner with years of experience, such as YellowScan, is therefore essential for smooth integration.

Worldwide presence

Benefit from our network of 40+ distributors, and our worldwide training and support services.

Fixed-wing integration

Our Mapper+ OEM is the ideal LiDAR mapping tool for fixed-wing integration. It is a lightweight system with long range capabilities, high-end point density, and advanced accuracy and precision.