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Environmental Research.

Contribute to a better environment for all living beings.

LiDAR systems are effective tools for monitoring environmental changes on a large scale.

This technology has revolutionized conservation and environmental research by providing useful information, as 3D pointclouds, in the quest to save forests, animals, and humans.

Environmental research knowledges base

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Risk assessment of rockfall hazards on road networks.

L’Avion Jaune were mandated by the Departmental Council to conduct a risk assessment study of rockfall hazards on their road networks.

How do drone LiDAR surveys compare to traditional methods in railway corridor mapping projects?

The SNCF wanted to compare UAV LiDAR surveys with those done with traditional methods, in a real work situation. Discover the success story.

3D pointcloud acquisition using UAV LiDAR for a Chilean mining project

The goal of this project was to generate a 3D model of the Huasco Pellet Plant (mining), in Chile, using the YellowScan Vx15 UAV LiDAR system.

Building the digital twin of the Chain Bridge in Budapest

This LiDAR project, led by our customer Ventus-Tech, aimed to establish a baseline & record the status of the Chain Bridge in Budapest

Mapping Penguin Colonies in Antarctica

Learn how the YellowScan Mapper LiDAR system was used in Antarctica to study the spatial distribution of penguins in their environment.

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The new YellowScan Mapper UAV LiDAR in action
Nov 17, 2020 66 min
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Sep 17, 2020 57 min
From the air to the ground, get a complete point cloud
Jun 25, 2020 30 min
Capture, process and finetune your LiDAR data
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Comparison of YellowScan LiDAR systems and how they fit your needs
Jul 18, 2019 41 min
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Jul 18, 2019 53 min
The Future of Vegetation Analyses in Feeder Corridors
Apr 16, 2019 88 min

Success story

Mapping Penguin Colonies in Antarctica with the YellowScan Mapper

Antartica 2.0
This multi-month research expedition on a sailboat covered several themes: climatology, sociology of science, chemistry of microplastics, microbiology, biogeochemistry, and ecology of penguins …

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Key benefits

Our LiDAR solutions can capture different levels of vegetation, from the canopy to the ground, which helps analyze forest ecosystems, tree growths, the spread of disease and parasites, and more.

It also captures the 3D structure of the terrain and the vegetation above it, making it a valuable technique in many fields.

Snow cover evaluation

Compare bare and snow-covered terrains to work out the thickness of the snow and to find out where it accumulates. You can also follow the evolution of glaciers or pack ice.

Geologic history

Study the Earth’s surficial processes and landforms.

Mapping biodiversity from above

Obtain spatially accurate and comprehensive biomass evaluation for hazard prevention, effective planning and nature management.

Erosion monitoring

Follow the action of water in fast changing environments, such as coastal cliffs, rivers, canyons and gorges, and more.

Wildlife habitat suitability

Assess and characterize suitable wildlife habitat by getting detailed 3D landscape information not available from other remote sensing applications.