The 1st Explorer in France is acquired by instadrone

Explorer, the versatile LiDAR that can do it all

YellowScan has signed a purchase agreement with Instradone.

Instadrone will be the 1st customer in France to receive the YellowScan Explorer.

Instadrone’s purchase is the latest endorserment for the Explorer and reaffirms the strong market of versatile LiDAR that can be mounted on a drone or a small aircraft.

Instadrone is a long standing YellowScan customer already operating the Mapper but as the knowledge on operating all the YellowScan systems. They are expert in handling the CloudStation software to provide quality data to their customer. We are proud to have them by our side to promote YellowScan product.

The YellowScan Explorer is the first LiDAR that can be mounted on a light manned aircraft or helicopter and be switched to a UAV platform like the DJI M300. This versality allows the end user to tackle a wide range of projects with the proven ease-of-use of YellowScan’s UAV LiDAR solutions