YellowScan Announces a New Addition to the Mapper Product Line, the Mapper+

Building on the recent launch of our Explorer high-end solution, Mapper+ brings more features and options to our successful mid-range solution offering.

Montpellier, France – September 21st, 2021 – YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next generation of UAV LiDAR solutions, is proud to announce today the launch of newest LiDAR addition to our Mapper product line, the Mapper+. The YellowScan Mapper+ was developed for users that are looking for more precision and range than the Mapper, but are not yet ready to invest in a higher end platform. Of course, the Mapper+ comes with the service and support that YellowScan is known for, enabling customers to quickly gain the skills and trust in their new system to successfully complete their survey missions.

The YellowScan Mapper+ comes with several configuration options to meet specific user requirements as well as remain agnostic to the UAV drone it can be mounted on. The Mapper+ has an onboard Livox AVIA laser scanner combined with the Applanix APX-15 UAV inertial and navigation system. It is configurable with either a DJI Skyport or Gremsy quick mount system. Mapper+ comes with a fully automatized 20 Mpx camera module if required. The unit weight is 1.3kg (including battery), making it ideal for any UAV that can lift this payload. The typical mission parameters are 5-30 m/s with an altitude of 100m, thus giving you a swath of 140m. The Mapper+ seamlessly integrates with the YellowScan CloudStation and Livestation software suites, enabling visualizing and processing your point cloud data with ease.

“Our Mapper product line has been at the core of YellowScan’s offerings since our inception in 2014. The Mapper+ marks the continuation of this heritage and offers our users another option as they look for the balance between cost, accuracy, range and high point density. The advances that Livox has made with their scanners allows us to provide our usual high level of performances at an interesting price point, “commented Tristan Allouis, CTO, YellowScan.

YellowScan will be launching the Mapper+ during INTERGEO 2021 in Hannover, September 21 – 23. Come see us at our booth #20E.26 in Halle: 20 or click here for more information on our website.

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