YellowScan launches the Voyager to address customers’ needs to reach a high level of precision and point density

Voyager is the most precise multi-mission LiDAR platform from YellowScan

YellowScan released the Voyager, an entirely new product line integrating the VUX-120 from RIEGL, designed for those who need less than 1 cm precision and the ability to efficiently cover complex and vertical targets with ease. On top of that, its weight of 3.5kg (7.7lbs) without battery makes it really easy to manipulate and use on manned and unmanned aircrafts

The VUX-120 Lidar engine offers acquisition of up to 15 target echoes, a range of up to 760 m, a field of view of 100°, and an extremely fast data acquisition rate of up to 1.8MHz, thus the Voyager is the most powerful system solution YellowScan has ever made. It has a new and unprecedented level of precision that meets reality, giving users the ability to truly cut through the clutter and capture more detail-rich data than ever before.

“At YellowScan, we constantly push the boundaries of what our technology can do, and with each new product release, we strive to raise “the bar” a little higher and innovate wherever we can to offer the best technology combination possible. This is why I am very excited to introduce the YellowScan Voyager, with its reality-like results and high-density details that have until now been unmatched. We think the market will find that this new tool is everything we promised and more”, stated Romain Renouis, Product Manager, YellowScan.

This Yellowscan Voyager is made in France and integrates an Applanix airborne grade IMU to improve data quality, along with the RIEGL VUX-120 which was awarded several times for its capabilities.

“The small-sized and extremely lightweight VUX-120 sensor uses a revolutionary, innovative scanning pattern, offering a nadir/forward/backward scanning geometry, for the optimal coverage of complex and vertical targets, such as high-voltage transmission towers or building facades. We are very happy that Yellowscan recognized the capability and performance of our VUX-120 scanner and is now offering a high-end system solution based on our product!”, says Michael Mayer, Managing Director RiCOPTER UAV GmbH, the RIEGL Company for distribution, support and service of RIEGL UAV LiDAR Sensors.

This new addition is now quotable worldwide and has a delivery time of 10 weeks. The Voyager comes with the YellowScan CloudStation Core and add-ons, as well as a 1-year unlimited technical support.

About YellowScan

At YellowScan we design, develop, and build our UAV LiDAR solutions to exceed the expectations of professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy. Our complete hardware and software solutions are easy to use data collection tools coming with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts.

Founded in 2012, YellowScan has customers around the world, and its products are used in surveying, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering, and mining sectors. Based in the South of France, we have sales and support offices around the globe.


Morgane Selve, Marketing Manager at YellowScan

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