YellowScan Releases the Latest Upgrade to its Software Solution for Managing Point Cloud Data, CloudStation

The update increases your productivity and simplifies multiflight data processing

YellowScan has developed a new global release of the CloudStation which focuses on increasing their customers’ productivity.

CloudStation provides a complete software solution to create and manipulate point cloud data. It allows you to extract, process and display data immediately after the acquisition flight in the field or back at the office.  The auto-generation of strips and the production of LAS & LAZ files are now done in only few clicks.  Fully integrated with all of the hardware platforms in YellowScan’s portfolio, CloudStation is a powerful tool that is easy-to-use and helps you save your most valuable asset, time.

YellowScan CloudStation Before & After

YellowScan has expanded and simplified the workflow process by increasing the multi-flight support for their customers’ projects. In addition, the user interface received a major update making it more intuitive, faster, and providing users with more information about what is happening during the rendering process. The aforementioned changes, along with the many other new features, ultimately leads to an increase in productivity and time saved for users of the YellowScan CloudStation.

Improved features:

  • Multi-flight support
  • User interface redesign
  • Catalog
  • New project creation workflow
  • Colorization from orthophoto
  • Updated 3D engine & 3D views

User benefits:

  • Simplified workflow with new user interface
  • Process, visualize and export your multi-flight projects all at once
  • Easily handle your point clouds
  • Maximize your productivity

With this latest update, YellowScan worked with its beta-test community to not only bring new features into CloudStation, but to also test it in a variety of real-world conditions that was designed to push this tool ensuring it would meet that high level of usability that YellowScan and all its products are known for around the world.

The performance of the new CloudStation is much better than before because of the new features and the new design. In our last projects the multiple flight processing, the colorize mix function and the filter function were very helpful. It’s so easy to use all YellowScan Lidars in big multiple flight projects or like in Germany in small but precise projects.

Before the release I often was calculating how low and slow I can go with a VX20-300 or Mapper, but not going into too many flights. Now I just fly what’s best for the project. Last week we finished a 12.6km project with the Mapper and it was much faster to process than before. Optimal use of the new features are in projects like Railroad inspection, the German Autobahn, Powerlines, River mapping and so on. Everywhere where we used to have more than one single flight.”

Valentin Möller

General Manager – MOST Robotics GmbH

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Morgane Selve, Marketing Manager at YellowScan

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