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Comparison of YellowScan LiDAR systems and how they fit your needs

July 18th, 2019 41 min YellowScan & Quantum Systems

How to collect a large amount of data with VTOL drones and LiDAR combination

The combination of the YellowScan Surveyor and Surveyor Ultra with the Quantum-Systems Tron allows for extraordinary efficiency and accuracy to support asset management needs for numerous industries.

The key features in this webinar are :

  1. Fast and accurate data collection / night and day
  2. Corridor mapping with true 160° field of View
  3. Digital Terrain models below Trees and Forest
  4. Higher point cloud density and accuracy
  5. Full integration with other mobile and terrestrial LiDAR data
  6. More options related to data collection altitude, speed and coverage
  7. Faster and flexible turnaround of airborne LiDAR for project applications

Webinar speakers

Julien Bernard Technical Support Manager YellowScan - France

Morgane Selve Marketing Manager YellowScan - France

Martin Herkommer Director Special Projects / Global Sales Initiatives Quantum Systems

Since July 2021 he is the Director for Special Projects at Quantum- Systems, working on scientific projects as well as doing POCs for existing and potential Enterprise customers and resellers around the globe.

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