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Use of Applanix POSPac UAV/MMS in the YellowScan workflow

September 17th, 2020 57 min YellowScan

Straight to the Point
Episode 3

In this episode of Straight to the Point, you will discover the use of Applanix POSPac UAV/MMS and the flexibility in post-processing within the YellowScan workflow.

Key takeaways:

  1. Knowledge of the complete YellowScan workflow
  2. Ways of processing thanks to Applanix POSPac
  3. A comparison between each processing method

Webinar speakers

Morgane Selve Marketing Manager YellowScan - France

Thibaud Capra Application Engineer YellowScan - France

Nico Jaeger Product Manager POSPac Applanix

Studied Geodesy with focus on Photogrammetry and completed diploma 2001. Worked 4 years at Leica Geosystems as airborne mapping support engineer. Joined Applanix in 2005 and leaded the Customer Support Team in Europe until 2020 before I took on the POSPac Product Manager role early 2020.

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